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5 Mystery Boxes to choose from with FREE SHIPPING! Each includes Wonderland 420 Glass & accessories at a steep Discount! Choose if you dab, flower or like the Mad Hatter and I- Both!

My dudes, this is my love and passion all wrapped up in a wicked cool theme Mystery Surprise Box!

This is a quarterly un-subscription box that contains different products guaranteed to help LIFT your spirits!! 

For my Summer 2021 Lifted Mystery Box, I have procured some really awesome new products and glassware, all that matches the crazy adventures in Wonderland!

Each Mystery box comes with a steep discount off regular price and includes glass, handmade items by local artists and more!

There are 4 Mystery Boxes to choose from based on your blazing style. Within each box choice is also the choice to request either Pink or Green items to match your personality and taste.

Breakdown of Boxes- (Prices are listed here in Canadian funds. If you live in the US, your price paid will be less due to price conversion!) 


Lifted Mystery Box Options:

The Alice- This is the biggest and most delicious! So much "Muchness"!  Contains all of the Wonderland themed items and more! This has items for both Dabbers and Flower lovers. This is a heavily themed Wonderland Box with the steepest discount! (Value is $356.00) only 4 available as this is extremely exclusive!                                       Price- $213.45CAD/ $180 USD

The White Rabbit- This is the OG. The original, the best of the bestest. If you are curious, or maybe curious-er, this is the Mystery for you! Contains items for both dabbers and flower lovers. The second biggest discount with a Value of $189           Price -$98.00 CAD/ $84 USD

The Mad Hatter- A micro-mystery box! This contains items for both dabbers and flowers. This is a mini version of The White Rabbit. A smaller taste of Wonderland themed items, perfect for every "unbirthday" you want to celebrate! This is a quick short trip down the rabbit hole with a Value of $137                                                       Price-$86.00 CAD/ $73 USD

The Chesire Cat- BIG Flower lovers only. No dabs here. Its cool, I get it! You love your flower and im here for it! This is a BIG Mystery box filled with items specific to flower blazers only. The Cheshire Cat may be a little mad, just like the rest of us.. but this should mellow us all out and leave us with a giant smile on our faces! Value of $165.00 Price-$130.00 CAD/ $93 USD

Caterpillar- This is for those that don't dab. Flower lovers unite, I got your back! This box is a smaller version and contains only items specific to blazing flower and herbs. Just like the wise hookah smoking caterpillar, youll be puffing O's like the best of them! Value of $123.07       Price-$105.00 CAD/ $72USD


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