Hippie Stones - Terracotta Clay Hydro Stones (2 pack)

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The Quicker-Danker Upper!!

Dried out and super crusty Flower is balls!! Not only does overly dry flower lose flavour, scent and potency, but also it hurts!! Ya, a giant haul on some dry herbs will smack ya right in the throat, ouch!!

See, all those beautiful terpenes and THC degrades over time if you don't properly store your green so its important to properly store your precious goodness!

That's where Hippie Stones step in!  Hippie Stones will QUICKLY bring your buds back to life, restoring a natural balance to your herbs and STOP the degrading process so that your buds last as long as you do!

How to use:

1. Soak your Hippie Stone for 30 Seconds up to 5 Minutes depending on the amount of flower. 30 Seconds for 0-7g's is average.

2. Remove the Stone and dry with paper towel

3. Place the Hippie Stone into your jar with your green. I recommend storing in a glass jar ALWAYS.

4. Watch the magic!! Within an hour, check your buds for dankness. Once you are happy with the moisture level, remove the stone from the jar and store your green in a cool dark place. 

Thats it! Hippie Stones are FAST and easy to use and can be used over and over again!!

Pro Tip! Put a stone into your brown sugar to keep it from turning rock hard! 1 stone will keep your brown sugar fresh for up to 6 months without rehydrating!!



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