Wonderland Glass Joint Bubbler

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If you love smoking jays but want bigger, water filtered rips, then you need this adorable Wonderland themed Joint Bubbler! This mini glass bubbler allows you to smoke your fav rolled herbs, but with the powerful punch of a bong rip!

Along with the added intensity, there is another added benefit of using the Jay Bubbler- SMOOTHER HITS! Blazing jays can one of the harshest ways to enjoy your herbs, coughing fits happen as well as that scratchy feeling in the back of your throat - Ouch!  That's where the Jay bubbler comes in handy! This innovative product takes the water filtration concept of a bong or glass bubbler and applies it so it works with your jays, cones or blunts! Hello smoother hits and less coughing fits!

It's easy to use the Jay Bubbler. Simply Fill the bubbler with water to just above the grass line, add your blunt to the cone shaped end, then light it up and take a hit using the mouthpiece. To control the size and intensity of your rips, use the choke at the top

You'll be amazed at how much smoother and tastier your blunt hits are when you add some cooling water filtration to all your rips! 

Made by a talented glass artist with thick, high quality durable glass. Available in Emerald or Pink. So fancy, maybe the Mad Hatter will invite you to his next tea party!

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