Mermaid Roach Clip and Hempwick Lighter
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Heya! My name is Natalie and im so happy you are here! Ive been busy as a Canadian Beaver creating this merch site with all sorts of wicked-ass 420 Accessories! Go ahead, "snoop" around! Im always happy to answer any questions so feel free to message me on IG.

*** Tiktok, currently has me blocked from posting and commenting, so any video packing requests will be on my Instagram for now.

Mermaid Roach Clip and Hempwick Lighter

Save $20 on this sweet bundle plus get a FREE HempWick Refill


For the month of August, Save $35 and get Any Ice Cream Pipe, Island Pink Kush HempWick Lighter and Mermaid Roach Clip! Each Bundle comes with a FREE Hempwick refill and hydrating Hippie stones now too!! So Sweet!!

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